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Created as a part of my artistic research at Das Theatre, Amsterdam, produced by Belluard Bollwerk Festival, Fribourg, European Songs is a solo which addresses the topics of moral codes, history and possible future for European community. “The European”, language constructed for the piece, appears as a proposal of utopian communication strategy. Placed between lecture, stand up, concert, the piece asks questions around theatrical gesture, power of representation and transformative potential of human voice.

music – Jan Tomza – Osiecki | costumes designed by Tomasz Armada

A performance commissioned by European Culture Foundation, as a part of the gala of ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture, created in a cooperation with Jan Tomza – Osiecki (composer), Sofia Pedro (soprano) and Joanna Rotberg (pianist). The mini – opera tackles past and present hopes and anxieties around the future Europe, while questioning strategies of archiving, designing knowledge and influencing common memory.

soprano – Sophia Pedro | piano – Joanna Rotberg | music – Jan Tomza – Osiecki

fot. Maarten van Haafen

The video was a part of my solo exhibition in CSW Kronika, Bytom. Silesia, an industrial region in the South of Poland, suffered a massive economical crisis after the state's decision of terminating the functioning of the coal mines. Thousands of men lost their jobs. Depression and alcohol abuse became a serious problem in the area. Interestingly, the situation created opportunities for female entrepreneurs, not without influencing the traditional family structures.

“Ja już nie mogę” (I've had enough) is created with cooperation with the artists from Silesian Opera as an attempt to portrait the ambivalence of this transformation in a musical form with original music and text juxtaposed with a cantata Ich habe genug by Jan Sebastian Bach.

Opera often irritates people
Fun for the white and the rich
Boring and pompous

But I'd say everyone
the rich and the poor alike
know moments
so mighty that they demand a scream
the more precious
the bigger the chance of relief

(from the exhibition catalogue)

soprano – Iwona Noszczyk | bas – Cezary Biesiadecki | camera – Witek Orski | sound – Bartosz Idzi, Jan Tomza – Osiecki | curated by Katarzyna Kalina

CHOKE ON IT (2018)
A music performance was created along with Maria Toboła as Małpeczki collective and produced by Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. A form of a bastardized cooking show can be a pretext for contemplating a crisis of modern family. The birth of a goblin - chef flows into a feast, which is an excuse to travel through food worlds, shimmering with various colors of classes, contexts and forms. Dishes - sculptures tell the story of their origin with the voices of a British aristocrat, an Uber driver, an Italian hostess, accompanied by Natan Kryszk and Michal Kasperek – free jazz musicians.

Goblin – Gabriel Krajewski | Papa – Paweł Sakowicz | Brother – Robert Wasiewicz | Małpeczki – Maria Magdalena Kozłowska, Maria Toboła | drums – Michal Kasperek | saxophone – Natan Kryszk | lights design – Witek Orski | sound design – Jan Tomza-Osiecki | curated by Joanka Zielińska and Michał Grzegorzek | production – Olga Kozińska, Joanna Manecka

The live performance and the video were a part of Speedway in Art, an exhibition curated by Dawid Radziszewski in 3 polish cities, famous for their passion for the motorcycle sport. The piece was performed on a speedway stadiums and in a white cube, as a form of intervention in the world of inanimate art objects created by Pawel Althamer, Wilhelm Sasnal, Dominika Olszowy and others.

A musical manifesto of famous rider's daughter with a mechanized body is satirizing a sentimental discourse around family, art and fear of individualism.

Małpeczki collective, approached by Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, prepared and hosted the gala of Bank Pekao Awards for young artists. We used a number of rooms, usually used for exhibitions, to create a performative walk, a metaphore for creative process in artist's head. The road from an idea to its implementation; the adventures, torments, doubts and revelations became the subject of this inevident gala. Malpeczki invited artists, performers and critics to embody specific states of mind – The Struggle, The Attempt, The Inner Critic, The Creation, The Stage Fright, The Exhibition. The performative walked, led by Małpeczki, was followed by the actual gala in a form of a common ritual. The audience was invite to participate and become “initiated”, as during the Eleusinian Mysteries.

collaborators - Wanda Karpińska, Michał Kasperek, Witek Orski, Karolina Plinta, Paweł Śliwiński, Paulina Kitlas – Śliwińska, Jan Tomza-Osiecki, Maurycy Tryuk–Moczulski, Hana Umeda, Robert Wasiewicz, Marta Ziółek | curated by Michał Grzegorzek | production – Joanna Manecka

An audio play was conceived as an educational tool for Jewish Community Centre in Warsaw. It tells a story of a great Cantor Gershon Sirota while explaining Jom Kippur, problematizing the notions of penitence, greed and spaces for spirituality in capitalistic environment.

SPEECH (2017)
During the Second World War, the Fireplace Hall at the ZAMEK Culture Centre has been repurposed to become Adolf Hitler’s study. SPEECH blends romantic songs and a motivational speech on work. Hypnotic and relaxational techniques are used to steer the audience into an unusually focussed state of susceptibility. The performance’s monumentalism, its upbeat tone and the Wonder Woman costume ironically embrace the Hall’s architecture’s while also offering a contemporary reinterpretation of past dreams of grandeur, success and failure, and the commodification of time.

"Heard of the new tendency
That's called cryptocurrency?
Go, experience the world changing
While cryptocoins are exchaning

Here comes some new
Cashflow for you”

A musical confession of an ex-stock broker. Following a mystical vision, she converts to trading cryptocurrency. Pious capitalism falls in love with an anarcho-syndicalist financial system – perhaps our best guess of things to come. The performance presents a humorous collage of a sermons, political speech, and New Age rituals.

A video produced by Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw for the “Hoolifemmes” exhibition, which took place at the Opener Festival. The guest, Paweł Sakowicz, contemporary dancer and choreographer was a ballroom dancing champion as a child. Drawing from his memories, he incorporates the role of a strict, traditional dance teacher. The Little Monkeys, as skeptical chav heroines, try to learn some Viennese waltz to express and “dance their whole world”, which reveals itself as some kind of eastern european delirium, set to the soundtrack by Natan Kryszk and his experimental band, Pokusa.

"I wasn't a very attractive child. Those who know me find it hard to believe. I used to sit alone in my room, spending time on making things up. I don't know, maybe the products of my imagination somehow expanded, or the act of fantasizing created it's own energy; anyway, something opened up and at some point I discovered this strange allure of mine. You know this breezy elegance of an older homosexual? That was it. Special voice, special gesture - it made people do what I wanted. There were also the languages. I liked to play with a certain melange which, in time, must have become a spell. I was born in Gubin, right on the polish - german border. I remember my parents fighting in german and joking in polish. In this performance I'm trying to... wait... something's happening with my face. I can't talk anymore."

Karolina Karpinska (soprano) singin' Handel's aria as seen by a girl from the block.

CONFESS (2016)
For 3 days, I transformed a closed kiosk into a space for contemporary confession - combining therapy, coaching, culture studies and new spiritualism. Every customer was served with a ritual, a small mass featuring stories of middle class shame. A visitor was invited to share his own view on shame, ask for advice, or atonement.

A variety show picturing polish art world from the perspective of two superheroines.

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